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Strengths-Based Parenting : Building and Bridging Resilience Skills of our Families

When our children are now parented even by social media, it gets more confusing for our children to see how they can uniquely contribute and feel they belong.  Even us, as parents, find ourselves in this state of confusion, comparison, and uncertainty.  

This program will help parents understand our unique patterns of feeling, thinking, relating, and influencing that is shaping and contributing to our frustrating and fulfilling experiences.  It will help us understand our tension points with ourselves and with our family members and empower us with tools on how to pivot our frustrating situations to fulfilling experiences from a Strengths-based mindset versus a Weakness fixing mindset.  

Our families will now have a common language to resolve and transform our conflicts as growth zone opportunities.  We will learn to focus more on what's strong not on fixating on what is wrong so there will be an abundance of vitality and achievements.  An environment of curiosity rather than judgment can be created to facilitate a safe space for conversations and build an interdependent family that starts from interdependent mindset of the parents.

Parents 21+ years old and higher
30, 5-7 minute video modules
On Demand
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intentions of the program

Detect & Direct

Parents will detect and direct their own unique top 5 Talent Themes and learn how to transform them as Strengths.

Discover & Develop

Parents can learn to discover  and develop the talent themes of their children by providing them guidance and support on how to pivot frustration to fulfillment using their strengths.  

Build Bridges of Connection

Parents and children will have a common language to understand possible reasons why conflicts happen without personalizing them and co-create solutions to exponentially grow together and build bridges of connection and resilience skills leveraging on the uniqueness of each family members.  

Build & Lead Together a Family Culture

Parents and children will build together a family culture where each members is brave, leads with self-compassion and plants generous spaces for empathy where high vitality and achievements flow.  Parents will lead a family culture where both strengths and weaknesses are gifts and honored.


30, 5-7 minute recorded, learning videos accessible ON Demand

One, 1-on-1 coaching session

at least 1 live-online community session


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