Health Program

Collaborative initiative programs to expand the reach and impact of medical missions through medical clinics, education and training, and outreach programs.

Intentions of the Program

Sustain the Community Clinic

A healthcare facility that provides medical services to individuals at little or no cost. The "Clinic ni Doc TJ" provide primary care services like physical examinations, screenings and diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses*, and the management of *chronic diseases. The clinic also offers social assistance, health instructions, nutrition advice, and treatments.

Provide Medicine / Pharmacy for common sickness* per availability  

By giving access to medicine, ailments can easily be remedied with available supply.

Organize Medical Dental Mission

To provide preventive, restorative, and emergency dental care to those who need them in the community.

Introduce "Forest Bathing" for Well-Being

A form of nature therapy to relieve stress and increase physical and mental well-being. The goal of Forest Bathing is to relax, be present, and connect with the natural environment.


  • Medical assistance to 255 members of Bayanihan sa Kabuhayan and Brgy. Calawis community
  • Population of Calawis, Antipolo is 8,098 in the 2020 Census,
  • Barangay Calawis has a an area of about 90 square kms.


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