Environmental Programs

Reduce air pollution, provide wildlife habitats, prevent soil erosion, and reduce the risk of flooding through Nursery & Tree planting

Intentions of the Program

Set-up Nursery to prepare for planting season

Be proactive and have a head start! Setting up a nursery before planting season allows gardeners to plan ahead and purchase supplies they need in advance, saving time and money in the long run. Nurseries provide an environment for plants to germinate and sprout easily and quickly, it can also help plants from pests or other environmental factors that may be harmful to their growth and development.

Plant seedlings on Year 1

Give seedlings a strong start in life. Establishing their roots will help them grow strong and healthy, to reach its full potential. Seedlings are particularly vulnerable on their first year and require consistent care and monitoring to ensure they grow into healthy, mature plants.

Maintain seedlings and saplings for Year 1 to 3

Regular pruning and weeding help keep seedlings and saplings healthy and ensures continued growth and development to produce desired fruits and flowers.


  • Nursing and planting of fruit bearing, hardwood and soft wood trees.


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